Video interviews to politicians and youngsters

During the project, we organized joint events where local elected officials and youngsters came together to discuss on the topics of their previous online debates. These offline events were crucial to close the training phase for both groups. The joint events were open to the public. First, politicians and citizens discussed on the most polemic[…]


Check out the training materials for politicians and youngsters

One key element to improve political efficacy is training. The youngsters and politicians that participated in our project attended to offline training events. The youngsters were tought some basic concepts of local politics. And local politicians were confronted with data that ilustrates the reality of young disadvantage people in their communities. In the following links you’ll find the[…]


Results of the opinion polls in five countries

The project was structured in two phases of one year each. After the joint event with local politicians and youngsters, polls were carried out to analyse the effect of the trainings and online debates on the political efficacy of the young disadvantage people. Then, those results were contrasted with the evolution of surveys carried out[…]


The consortium presents the mid-term results

After the first year experiences with local politicians and youngsters in five countries, the consortium (formed by the University Konstanz, CESIE, Verein Multikulturell, SIF and Kuorum) have presented the results in a meeting in Germany. After carrying out the interviews and surveys, the results are quite positive. Both youngsters and politicians appreciate the idea of[…]